Hello there! This is my first blog post on this website. So much work and time has been put into creating this and I am thrilled to finally be sharing it and putting things into action!

First, let me share a bit about myself and my work…

I began my artistic journey back in 2014 when I became severely ill, and took up doodling to pass the time, while my condition has improved over the years I still feels its effects daily, Art is central to my healing and keeping my mind off of pain. About half way through my High School career I took my first school art class since the age of 10 and with the help and encouragement of my drawing and painting teacher – my artistic talent and style really began to blossom. Looking back on my old doodles and first drawings is both cringe-worthy, and makes me proud of how far I have come with practice and perseverance.

During my high school career I also was introduced to a variety of artists and their art styles, while at a class one day I was introduced to Felix Fu of Felix Doolittle and his style of watercolour painting. Felix and his former student are the first to show me what watercolour really could do when used “correctly” and has become one of my favorite mediums to work with. A world of possibilities has opened up as I have begun to explore other mediums and get out of my comfort zone. I had no idea so many amazing supplies existed, and there are so many more I’d like to try! Acrylic ink, Paint pens, Acrylic paint, Oil Paint, Pastels of all sorts, and Alcohol inks are just a few examples of things I am just beginning learning or want to learn about, and of course I have my old favorites of Alcohol based Markers and Watercolours of all sorts, in addition to my trusty water and smudge proof fineliner pens.

Since then I have continued to grow my talents through daily practice and every now and then trying something new. My little “art space” is slowly growing as is my collection of higher quality art supplies (and sometimes that can be a bit of a problem) what can I say? I have good taste and know what I like? In addition to my own practice I have had the opportunity to learn from great artists and illustrators through in person workshops and classes. In particular I was able to take an illustration course with the former Art Director of the New Yorker Magazine Jordan Awan and learned so much during those two weeks.

I also have an instagram account! I post quite regularly and have built a wonderfully supportive community of like minded people there who are following me, leaving kind comments, excellent tips when I need some advice, popping into my DMs to say hello and chat, and inspiring me! If you would like to view my work or connect search “thedisc0panda” in instagram and I should pop right up. Be mindful that it’s a zero rather than an o that can get a bit confusing for people sometimes.

Thank you for reading my story and first post, I greatly appreciate it! I cannot wait to write more posts and continue to work on this website and hopefully see it flourish.


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