M.S. Illustration Shop Reps: July-September 2020

Please give a warm welcome to the first set of shop reps! This set of reps will run from July-September 2020 and will help promote and grow the shop! Thank you all so much for the great reception of the shop these past few weeks, it mean so so so much to me.

Lets meet the reps;

  1. @mjs.desk
  2. @bobamujis
  3. @alrightboba
  4. @jellystudying

How does being a rep work?

Each rep will get a package once a month with samples such as prints and stickers that they promote, each rep will also have a specific “code” that when sent to me will result in a discount for the interested customer, discount payment will be through email or DM on instagram, as this version of wordpress does not allow discount codes.

The rep codes are as follows and can be used on bigcartel during check out or by emailing me the code and list of items from this site (bigcartel has limited inventory)





Please check out the reps and their work on instagram! And don’t forget to use the codes when getting anything from the shop!

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