Don’t Be Afraid To Get Messy

Overcoming the fear of the mess is a difficult but important thing!

Recently I took Tanya Lee Kahler’s “Messy Pages” class at Get Messy Art Journal as part of access to a free class for being part of their email list. The course covered a variety of things; Mixed Media basics and tools, Journaling and adding text into an art journal or sketchbook, making pages with acrylic, watercolour + water soluble crayons, and collage as well as techniques to mix them all together, and finally a page with a list of prompts.

Now, sadly, my time with the class expired before I could do all of the journaling/text and prompt sections of the class but I was able to get through nearly everything else. I learned a lot of new things during that little class (and totally want to find more online mixed media classes if anyone has any recommendations) mostly that collage work is a bit of a crazy messy totally insane and slightly frustrating media, and that acrylic surprisingly isn’t all that bad.

But most of all what I learned is to get rid of the fear of getting messy (mostly through that collage section of the class…thankfully splat mats and paper towels exist) getting messy is something I must admit, I really have a fear of. Part of that might be the ashkenazi intergenerational trauma and most of it is probably I just hate having to clean things up that can be a bit disgusting…also soft pastels are dusty and go EVERYWHERE.

…Really, try them sometime and tell me I’m wrong.

When my time was up with this lovely super fun class I decided to use all the different techniques and supplies I learned during this time to make this page as a little reminder to myself “don’t be afraid to get messy”.

I started with a layer of journaling then took some watercolour pans and layered some colour over the writing causing it to bleed, then added acrylic paint and acrylic/watercolour inks before finishing the page off with my beloved posca black and white paint pens.

I think this serves as an excellent way at least for myself to wrap up the “Messy Pages” class, and it certainly serves as a great reminder to not be afraid to try something new…even if it is messy.

Are you a fan of getting messy? Let me know your thoughts, and if you have taken any other Get Messy classes and have some to recommend!

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