December update: Thinking ahead

Well, the horrid year that has been 2020 is drawing to a close and that means thinking toward next year. I have a lot of very exciting things planned for 2021 and thought I’d share a few of them with you. Read on to see some of what to expect in the next year.

January: Galaxy pin collection kickstarter launches you can visit the pre-launch page at the following link and sign up to be notified when it launches so you have a chance at early bird pricing , January patreon rewards will go out in late January or early February, shop restock for some sold out listings

February: Galaxy pin collection kickstarter ends and if successful fulfilling begins! February rewards ship out for patreon and patrons will get a sneak peak into what March holds as March is my birthday month…expect fun things 🙂 The return of the watercolour to my art instagram

March: Birthday shop update, lots of fun things for patrons, and potentially launch a new plushie kickstarter (more to come on that in the coming months) March meet the maker on my instagram @thedisc0panda or perhaps my shop instagram @msillustrationsshop if I have the time to do it, and lots more fun art to come.

April: Ship out patreon March rewards, Birthday sale ends, commemorate Yom HaShoah with a special illustration on @thedisc0panda and work on kickstarter rewards if successful.

May: Finals season so no shop update this month, Wild Hunt kickstarter expected to launch (very excited for this one!!) work on summer 2021 designs and ship out april patreon rewards after finals

June: Wild Hunt kickstarter ends if successful begin fulfilling, finish and release summer collection and mail May patreon rewards

July: World watercolour month on @thedisc0panda, work on fulfilling Kickstarter rewards if successful, restock shop if needed, mail patreon rewards, set prelaunch page for zine kickstarter (big project but the one I am looking forward to the most)

August: Launch zine kickstarter, school begins again, patreon july rewards shipped off, behind the scenes of zine KS shown on patreon

September: Zine kickstarter ends and fulfilling begins if successful, August patreon rewards shipped off, autumn collection released

October: Kickstarter fulfilling continues, September patron rewards sent off, Halloween shop restock, Inktober 2021 on art instagram

November: Fantasy character pin collection kickstarter launches (final campaign of the year) and finish up winter collection designs

December: Winter collection releases, Fantasy character collection campaign ends, final shop update of the year!

As you can see, there is quite a bit planned for 2021, more details to come as we move into the new year. For patreon, the last day to pledge for the next month is the last day of the current month (example: you want to pledge for January 2021, make sure you are signed up by December 31 2020) pin club will be taking a break for a little bit until March or April but all other tiers will be operating as normal. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you for all the support this year!

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