How I’m being more Eco-friendly with my small business

With every product that I make and every box, envelope, and mailer I send out I try to be as sustainable and Eco-friendly as I can. Here is a few ways I am striving to make M.S. Illustration more environmentally friendly:

Production & Manufacturing

  1. Pins are often sent by factories in plastic individually wrapped bags, where possible I ask my manufacturer to please send the pins in a safely packaged but able to recycled manner, when that is not possible, I use the little plastic bags when packing sticker orders until my stash runs out.
  2. Vinyl stickers are made of PVC free material and where possible I try to use Eco-friendly and/or locally based printers. Paper stickers and wooden pins/charms are made of sustainably sourced wood.
  3. Washi tapes are made of Japanese biodegradable paper and will be packaged in a custom paper box.


  1. All of my backing cards and thank you cards can be recycled and are made of sustainably sourced paper. If you don’t plan on keeping them, please recycle! Thank you cards have an art print on the back side.
  2. Orders that include things such as washi tape and freebie stickers will be packed in recycled plastic, as soon as my stash is used up, I will be switching over entirely to tissue paper and other Eco-friendly alternatives. Larger orders are wrapped in tissue paper and secured with biodegradable washi tape.
  3. Orders that require a mailer or box are sealed with water activated kraft paper tape, this secures the package without being damaging to the environment. Envelopes are held by either a vinyl sticker or piece of washi tape.

Shipping & Delivery

  1. Orders that are sent through letter mail are packed in envelopes that can be recycled and secured by a vinyl PVC free sticker or a piece of biodegradable washi tape.
  2. For larger orders, international orders, and orders requiring a box or mailer I use recyclable mailers/padded envelopes. Orders needing a box are almost always sent in a box that was recycled from a prior package and sealed with kraft tape.
  3. All orders needing a box or mailer are packed with tissue paper and if needed a small bit of bubble wrap recycled from a prior package. Print orders are protected from bending by a cut up recycled piece of rigid paper.

If you have any other suggestions or recommendations for Eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable solutions please let me know!

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