Hello and welcome to my website.

M.S. Illustration started as a hobby turned small business in August 2019 when I first opened my Redbubble to share my love of art and fantasy, since then it has evolved into a fairly robust little side business to help me have some income on the side while I peruse neuroscience as a career. I’m a big fantasy fan and have been really into making enamel pins lately. Now that I have some more experience with the enamel pin making process I’ve been enjoying trying new techniques and expanding my range of fantasy and gaming offerings in addition to the cute illustrations I began with. If you would like to connect or find more content you can find me on instagram @msillustrationsshop for all things shop related and @thedisc0panda for art. You can visit me on etsy at https://etsy.com/shop/thedisc0panda for all sorts of fun things.

Aside from the products in my store, I also have a select group of limited edition handmade clay pins/charms and stickers available on my website here that can also be found on my etsy, as well as information about custom commissioned art. Grab what you can while stock lasts! When creating commissioned work, unless agreed upon by the buyer, that work is the only one made, one exactly like it will never be made again.

Wholesale: I do not currently offer any products for wholesale at this time.

Etsy: My Etsy shop Thedisc0panda is my main storefront for all things that are not print on demand (Redbubble/Society6) that is currently the only place my products are sold at this time aside from the small amount of handmade clay products that are here on my website. Prices may be a bit high on Etsy due to the selling fees associated with the platform, that being said I try to keep my prices as reasonable as I possibly can. I can accept UK orders via Etsy with the new VAT laws, however I cannot do the same with kickstarter campaigns, and thus all campaigns will have an option to pre-order via Etsy and have leftovers listed on the Etsy shop.

Thank you so much for the continued support.


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