Prices DO NOT include tax or shipping.

How Does Tax/Shipping payment work? After you are finished purchasing your stickers I will be in touch via email or instagram DM to collect payment for tax and shipping, MA tax is 6.25% and sticker shipping is $1.10 for domestic (US) and $3.00 for international.

How to use discount codes: To use rep codes for a special discount on your order visit my bigcartel site (also used for special events/new items, sales, and clearance) and enter the code at check out, or if the items you are interested in are only listed on the main site here, send me an email with the code and list of what you’d like and I will send the paypal link for the corrected total.

Nintendo Switch Holographic Sticker

Sticker flake- holographic and scratch resistant. perfect for the nintendo lover. My largest sticker flake to date this measures about 3.1 x 3.5 inches


ASL glitter ILY sticker

Sticker flake- Glittery, Scratch Resistant and Dishwasher Safe. This is the September 2020 freebie for all orders made during the month of September. This glitter sticker is 1.5 x 1.2 in and is Septembers order freebie, as September is Deaf Awareness Month!


Fox Vinyl Sticker

Sticker flake- Glossy, Scratch Resistant and Dishwasher safe. Use on waterbottles, laptops, sketchbooks, and more


Wood Elf Matte Sticker Flake

This happy elf will cheer up any sketchbook or journal cover or be a source of happiness sitting on your laptop. Like the elven wizard sticker, this is another character sticker of mine! This sticker is NOT waterproof or dishwasher safe.


Rainbow Camera sticker flakes

Die cut matte sticker flakes. I'm hoping to turn this design into a pin someday!


Animal Crossing fruit sticker sheet

Matte finish, this sticker sheet has 2 of each Animal Crossing fruit design


Days of the week Sticker sheet

Sticker sheet with 3 of each day of the week- matte finish


2017 Mage Redraw Glitter Sticker

Sticker Flake- Glossy, Dishwasher Safe, and Scratch Resistant. Subtly sparkly, a redrawn doodle from 2017.


Hedgehog Kraft paper sticker

Sticker flake- kraft paper. NOT dishwasher safe. Perfect for use in journals, on sketchbooks, and anywhere else that won't get wet. This sticker is slightly textured and has a matte finish.


Rise and Shine mini memo

A set of mini memos- these will come in a set of 5 as loose memos


Elven Wizard matte sticker flake

This is a matte sticker flake that is inspired by my Grey Warden character from Dragon Age Origins. This sticker is NOT waterproof or dishwasher safe, it may however protect you from darkspawn and other foes 🙂


Rainbow sticker set

Pack of 6 matte stickers. Not waterproof or scratch resistant, best for use in journals, pen pal letters, etc


Animal Crossing Characters sticker sheet

Matte finish, this sticker sheet has 7 Animal crossing related stickers.


Magic Wands Sticker sheet

Matte finish, this sticker sheet has a variety of magic wands and other magical accents